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Recruiting News Roundup

Friday newsround – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – as we take a look back through some of the important and shareable Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week: This Is The Current State Of The American Workplace (Read at Fast Company) The world of work is changing pretty Read more about Recruiting News Roundup[…]

Increase Your Bottom Line with WOTC

Work Opportunity Tax Credit, known as WOTC, can boost your bottom line. By adding in CMS’s WOTC service to your iRecruit account, you may be eligible for tax credits. WOTC is an employment tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from target groups that include veterans, individuals on SNAP (food stamps) and the long-term unemployed. Read more about Increase Your Bottom Line with WOTC[…]

WOTC Extension for 2014 Tax Credits

Amazing news for iRecruit customers – The IRS has waived the 28-daty rule on WOTC Tax Credit Processing for new hires in 2014. This means we can process and collect credits for all 2014 new hires from now until April 30th. Don’t wait, and don’t miss out on potential credits! Call CMS today to see Read more about WOTC Extension for 2014 Tax Credits[…]

iRecruit’s Brian Kelly Gives Presentation at Signal 88 Security Conference

iRecruit’s Brian Kelly attended Signal 88 Security’s annual conference in Tampa, FL last week. Signal 88 Security President Reed Nyffeler introduced Brian and iRecruit as a partner “That is really innovative, looks at our needs and brings us forward.” During the conference Brian talked to the franchisees about both iRecruit and taking advantage of CMS’s Read more about iRecruit’s Brian Kelly Gives Presentation at Signal 88 Security Conference[…]

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Renewal

Reminder to iRecruit’s WOTC Customers

Reminder to iRecruit customers using iRecruit’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit Administration service. If you are using iRecruit’s WOTC administration service please continue to have all your new hires complete the WOTC paperwork, either online through your secure portal web link, or via the 1-800 Call Center, or via mail within 28 days of their start date. Despite the Read more about Reminder to iRecruit’s WOTC Customers[…]