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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at these recent articles that we think are must read for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Noncompetes Are Dead—and Tech Workers Are Free to Roam (Read @ Wired)
A new rule from the US Federal Trade Commission invalidates most noncompete agreements, frequently used to bind tech workers. It could unlock higher wages and more entrepreneurship and innovation.

Preparing Candidates for Situational-Behavioral Interviews: A Counterintuitive Approach (Read @ ERE)
Preparing candidates for situational-behavioral interviews ensures a more accurate assessment and a smoother experience for all.

How to Answer an Open-Ended Question from a Job Candidate (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
Interviewers should prepare for interviews just as thoroughly as candidates do. Being equipped with compelling stories and setting aside dedicated preparation time, such as 30 minutes beforehand, allows interviewers to mentally prepare and be fully present during the interview.

Remote Work Holds More Appeal for Female Job Seekers (Read @ Indeed Hiring Lab)
Across all age groups, employed women are more likely than employed men to cite remote work as a reason for their job search, according to the Indeed Job Search Survey.

How to Save Money in Your Background Screening Budget (Read @ Verified First)
You know that background screening is essential to efficient hiring in today’s competitive job market. However, these checks can be time-consuming and expensive when not done properly.

One-Third of Hiring Managers Just Admitted to Asking Job Candidates Improper Questions (Read @ Inc.)
‘So, are you gay? Pregnant? Over 40? And where’s that accent from?’ If any of these questions come out of your mouth, you should probably shut up.

Navigating AI in HR: 5 questions every HR leader must ask (Read @ HR Executive)
The landscape of HR is undeniably being reshaped by the advent of artificial intelligence. From recruitment processes to talent management and employee engagement, AI has permeated various facets of HR operations.

I’m flooded by job candidates calling for more info (Read @ Ask a Manager)
My work phone number is on our website, brochures, etc. and job applicants often call asking for more details about compensation, qualifications, job duties, etc. before they have been contacted for an interview.

A solution to the retirement crisis? Americans should work for more years, BlackRock CEO says (Read @ CBS News)
With Americans living longer and spending more years in retirement, the nation’s changing demographics are “putting the U.S. retirement system under immense strain,” according to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in his annual shareholder letter.

Men disproportionately benefit from on-site work, says Lean In (Read @ HR Dive)
The return to office — or RTO — conversation is often painted as a gender issue. But one exec at Lean In, the company founded by women-in-the-workplace advocate Sheryl Sandberg, expressed her belief that the usefulness of flexible working transcends gender, too.


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