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iRecruit Updates

We are pleased to announce that on Friday evening (4/30/2010) CMS will be rolling out some beneficial updates to your iRecruit account. Please click here if you have any questions.

The updates include the following:

  1. The Education Section that includes the line “Please explain your educational background with details on years attended, degrees earned, and Course of study” will now be editable.
  2. Administrators will be able to Delete Comments made on the Applicant Summary page under history.
  3. Under the Applicant Summary page selecting “Comment Only” under history will not change the status of the applicant.
  4. Applicant Search Results page will now include a hyperlink of the applicant’s email address.
  5. Applicant Correspondence will now list: Applicant ID, Requisition, Name, and Email Address of the selected applicants you are corresponding with on the Select Package page.

We do not expect any downtime during this minor update.

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