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5 Ways Employers Could Improve the Hiring Process

On Careers at USNews.com recently posted an excellent article, that is worth a read if you have a few minutes to spare. The article lists 5 Ways Employers Could Improve the Hiring Process. As I was reading it, I was thinking about how much this relates to iRecruit and how iRecruit actually helps employers manage these suggestions.

  1. Set expectations for the timeline and process. With iRecruit you can send an auto-reply to your applicant to let them know when and if you will be in touch with them regarding the application.
  2. Don’t require an unreasonable investment of time and information up front. With iRecruit you can create different application forms for different positions. Depending on the type of job opening you are listing you may want to “edit” your application form only to ask the most necessary questions.
  3. Don’t require applicants to hand over their firstborn just to get considered. Most companies using iRecruit do actually ask for Social Security number and references on their applications, but, again with the ability to edit your application and choose which questions are absolutely required you can limit the “barriers” to applying.
  4. Provide candidates with clear well thought out job descriptions. Self explanatory. Make sure your job descriptions, requirements and expectations are readable.
  5. Reject candidates promptly. This is absolutely an important part of the process. Candidates don’t want to be kept waiting in the dark. With iRecruit you can contact multiple applicants to let them know the status of their application. Using our correspondence management you can create different emails that can go out to the applicant to keep them informed.

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