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Welcome New Employees with iRecruit

Create a fantastic impression of your company by sending a post-acceptance email to your new hires. 

In your “Welcome Email” you can let the new employee know what they can expect from their first day, or week on the job, who their contacts and supervisors are, and what is expected of them in the weeks and months to come.

You can also send them any new-hire paperwork that may be needed. You can use the welcome email to give the new employee their first day schedule. Here are some suggestions for your welcome email:

  • First Day Schedule
  • Directions to department or location
  • Sent HR forms
  • Send employee handbook

Sending a welcome email to your new hires will make them feel comfortable and informed and get them off to a great start with your company!

You can create new Welcome Emails under Correspondence, and you can also find sample emails in iRecruit under Help and Correspondence.

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