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Encouraging Employee Referrals with iRecruit

May is Employee Referral Month and HCI are advising recruiters to take a step back from their usual daily scanning of job boards and applicants and encouraging your current employees to refer new talent.

Their suggestions include educating employees about your job openings, using social recruiting to expand your network and offering rewards to promote referrals.

iRecruit makes it easy to set up and track employee referrals.

  1. On your application form add “Employee” as an option to the question “How were you referred to the position?”.
  2. Also add the follow up question, “If employee, please name”.
  3. Tracking and reporting is available from your iRecruit Reports menu.
  4. Allow Social Media sharing in iRecruit to easily post your jobs out to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and also allow and encourage your employees to share your jobs with their contacts.

Continue reading Building a Culture of Employee Referrals at HCI.org

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