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Massachusetts Staffing Bill Enacted

After almost a year of political wrangling, on Monday the Massachusetts state senate passed HB 4304 (PDF), which requires staffing firms doing business in the state to send temporary employees written notice of each assignment’s wage rate, the starting and end times of the assignment, and the expected duration of the assignment, among other things. The bill also prohibits staffing firms from charging temporary employees for certain items and services and prohibits fraudulent conduct. The bill now goes to Gov. Deval Patrick, who is expected to sign it, and the law will take effect Jan. 31, 2013.

 The American Staffing Association and the Massachusetts Staffing Association, an ASA-affiliated chapter, along with lobbyists Roger Donoghue and Tara O’Donnell of Donoghue, Barrett & Singal PC, engaged in prolonged advocacy efforts that resulted in “professional” employees, secretaries, and administrative assistants being exempted from the notice requirements.

Full Story Available via American Staffing Association (08/02/12) Stephen Dwyer

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