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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week find out which HR function ranks No. 1, the latest interview trends, how to check a candidate’s social media presence, how to navigate LinkedIn and more  … this week’s top recruiting stories from around the web.

Texas hospital’s hiring rule on obesity prompts legal questions (Video)
KUSA – A Texas company recently made headlines when it announced it would not hire overweight workers. Do employees have protections from weight discrimination? We looked at this issue with Denver labor law attorney Kim Ryan on 9NEWS 6AM.

News Flash: Recruiting Has the Highest Business Impact of any HR Function
Within most corporate HR functions, the atmosphere is simply too politically charged to even consider raising this powerful question:“Which HR function ranks No. 1 with the highest impact on two critical business success measures — revenue growth and profit margins?” Well, the data is in, and we now definitively know that the answer is … recruiting is the most impactful HR function!

10 Steps for Navigating LinkedIn Profiles
What we know already: LinkedIn is one of the biggest online resource pools for recruiting quality staff. It allows employers and recruiters to sift through a high number of potential hires and find the best and most qualified people for the jobs available.

Are in-person interviews on their way out?
A meteoric rise in video interviewing might be a sign of things to come on the hiring landscape. Six in 10 (63%) HR pros say their company “somewhat often” or “very often” conducts interviews via video. Compare that to the paltry 14% who answered the same just one year ago.

Social media: Be Careful Out There
For companies that want to learn more about their job candidates’ online activity without risking a lawsuit, using a third party to filter this information can be an effective method. But even when using a third party, experts warn, legal landmines remain afoot.

Are Job Ads Going Too Far?
While it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against job candidates based on their citizenship status, experts say some companies are targeting foreign candidates for IT jobs over their American counterparts.

8 Rules for Internal Hiring
Want to know the truth about the hiring process? Most companies hire from within. While not at all surprising, this tidbit of information is not only valuable to the millions of job seekers, but to recruiters and hiring managers as well. According to Career XRoads’ annual Sources of Hire survey, out of the 200 companies and firms polled in 2011, internal movement and promotion accounted for 41 percent of their hiring.

Bridging the Gap Between Candidates and Recruiters
It’s no secret that companies today are struggling to find talent with the skills they need– despite the amount of available candidates. While many experts blame a lack of skills on the worker side, recent research indicates that the difference between how employers and candidates think and behave is contributing to the problem. In other words, there is a fundamental gap between how recruiters search for candidates and how candidates search for jobs. And this gap is causing a lot of missed opportunities for both recruiters and job candidates. To be more specific, I have outlined five key areas where the  disconnect between recruiters and candidates is most seen:

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