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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week how to minimize hiring mistakes, what we wish candidates knew, talent management from the CEO’s perspective and more … this week’s top recruiting stories from around the web.

9 Things You Wish Job Candidates Knew
Sure, you’ll consider their qualifications. But admit it: This is what you’re really looking for during interviews. Job candidates say a lot during an interview. As the interviewer, so do you. But there’s a lot you wish you could say to job candidates well before the interview ever takes place:

7 Ways to Minimize Perception-driven Hiring Mistakes
If you like someone when you first meet, you maximize their positives and minimize their negatives. If you don’t like someone, you maximize their weaknesses, and minimize their positives. Now consider how many great candidates didn’t get the jobs they deserve because someone on the hiring team made a superficial judgment in the first minute, and then spent the rest of the interview seeking evidence to prove it.

What’s Working in Recruiting 2012? Let’s Find Out! (survey)
It’s a new world of recruiting in 2012, and every employer needs to stay ahead of the curve. Who’s doing what in the real world of recruiting?

4 Great Talent Management Takeaways from the Inc. 500 CEO Survey
Do you ever wish you could pick the brains of America’s most successful startup CEOs, just to see what’s rattling around in there? Do you wish you could ask them how they grew their companies or how they manage their employee selection process?

“Veterans Have an Unmatched Global Awareness”: CEO Discusses the Virtues of Military Recruitment
Dedicated to the progress of its clients, consultants and the community, Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd recently increased its efforts to match military veterans with the employers upon leaving their service. In the following Q&A, CEO John Mehrmann discusses how the IT and Engineering professionals services provider has enhanced its military veteran recruitment efforts to bring more diversity and a broader range of skills to clients – thereby following through on its mission to empower clients, consultants and the community.

iRecruit webinar dates in October
Learn how to take control of your recruiting and applicant tracking process. Manage your applicants in a centralized, secure, cloud-based database.

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