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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week facebook careers, 2012 recruiting trends, how to increase applications and speed up your hiring processes … this week’s top recruiting stories from around the web.

Want to Speed Up Your Hiring Process?
re you interested in ways to speed up your hiring process? When an employee gives his or her two weeks’ notice, an employer rarely has a new employee waiting in the wings. With most recruitment processes, a new employee almost never starts before the former employee is gone.

You Want My Social Security Number?
Readers increasingly ask questions that pertain to the privacy of their personal information both on online job applications and paper job applications filled out and retained by the potential employer. Please share your thoughts in today’s poll. You may select as many answers as apply in your organization. You are not restricted to just one response.

As the Facebook Careers Site Launches, It’s More Aggregator Than Job Board
The worst-kept secret in the recruiting field, looked at by some as a LinkedIn killer and by others with deep skepticism, is now officially out.

Recruiting Trends and Challenges: New Infographic Highlights 2012 Hiring Practices
Which recruiting sources are working best in 2012? Is social media really the best way to find great candidates? A new hiring practices survey conducted by Monster and BLR’s HR Daily Advisor and HRhero Line answer these questions, and more.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Employers Would Hire Military Veterans Over Other Equally Qualified Candidates
Despite higher than average unemployment rates, employment prospects for U.S. military veterans may be improving.

5 Things Every Employer Should Do To Increase Applications
New findings from CareerBuilder indicate that employers might be underestimating how important benefit information is to job candidates. According to internal company data, 61 percent of job candidates look for benefits information when applying for jobs; however, only 31 percent of employers post this information on their company profile page.

Top 4 Reasons Employees Quit – How to Hire Staff who Stick
A few years back, PwC published some interesting findings of 19,000 exit interviews within their organization, where one of the key questions that was asked of employees was the simple question, “What was their reason for leaving?”
Internal or External? Why You May Benefit Promoting From Within
Let’s say there is a skills gap in your company. If budgets allow, your first inclination might be to hire someone from outside the company to close that gap.

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