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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week the worst interview questions of 2012 “can you dance?” what to look for in 2013 and how to get better at LinkedIn and more… this week’s top recruiting stories from around the web

The dumbest interview questions of 2012
FORTUNE — “Are you a nerd?” “Can you dance?” “If you were a doughnut, what kind would you be?” When talent management consultants Development Dimensions International quizzed more than 2,000 newly hired employees about strange questions they had fielded in job interviews, the researchers got an earful.

The “skills gap”: As bad as (almost) everyone thinks
It is becoming a common complaint among CEOs and other top corporate executives: They can’t find enough skilled workers. One economist recently told Fortune he has job openings in the hot area of data analytics that have gone unfilled for six months or more. A multinational CEO earlier this year said he is desperate to hire manufacturing workers–if they have the right training.

What 2013 Has in Store for Us: The Annual Hiring Forecast Is Here
Although 2013 is expected to bring more jobs (along with spiked eggnog-fueled versions of Auld Lang Syne and maybe a not-so Rockin’ Eve sans Dick Clark), U.S. employers are playing it cool right now. According to CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast, conducted among 2,611 hiring managers and HR professionals and 3,991 workers, more than a quarter — 26 percent — of hiring managers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in the New Year, up three percentage points over 2012.

A Recruiter To-Do List for 2013
Last year, we published a to-do list for recruiters that was really popular. Most of the items on the list are still relevant… and I bet you did all of them religiously, right? Perhaps this is your chance to take another crack at them. And of course, we’ve added some more to make it even harder… we mean more useful.

Getting Better at LinkedIn in 7 Steps
LinkedIn has changed the way we recruit. Not completely and not overnight, but it has slowly and surely crept into nearly every recruiter’s arsenal in one form or another. In fact, recruiting pros were one of the first to really embrace LinkedIn when it debuted, helping the site to gain true growth traction.

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