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Recruiting News Round Up

This week’s top recruiting stories:

iRecruit Updates Scheduled for July 28th
iRecruit is planning some updates and database maintenance this weekend on Sunday, July 28th. The updates should not affect your day-to-day use of iRecruit, however there is a planned downtime window scheduled between 10:00pm – 2:00am Eastern Time.

3 Types of Interview Questions You Should Never Ask
When I was a job-seeker, I dreaded interviews. I hated the trick questions, the brainteasers and, most of all, the questions I expected but couldn’t quite answer. (“What’s your biggest weakness?” was the death of me.) But when I became a manager and had to interview people for my team, I found myself asking the same tricky and ineffective questions because they were all I knew.

Princeton study reveals that older employees face “subtle bias” in the workplace
Under federal law, the bar is set higher for proving age discrimination, as opposed to other forms of unlawful discrimination based on protected classes such as race, gender, or disability.

Hiring a Remote Worker? 7 Interview Questions to Ask
Remote work might not sound like a sexy subject on the surface, but the topic of whether a team needs to be physically together can stir surprisingly strong passions.

5 More Reasons To Recruit Veterans
There’s a lot of talk these days about our social responsibility to support returning veterans. I absolutely believe we have a duty to do our part, but there are many reasons that also make it a smart business move. Take a look at these five reasons to recruit veterans:

Rhode Island Enacts “Ban the Box” Law Prohibiting Employment Application Criminal History Inquiries 
Until the Effective January 1, 2014, a recent amendment to Rhode Island law will restrict the timing of pre-employment inquiries by Rhode Island employers about a job applicant’s criminal past. Employers who are covered by the law may not inquire about an applicant’s prior criminal history until during or after the first interview with the applicant.

Why Aren’t Job Applicants Given Decent Feedback?
Providing individual feedback in recruiting is almost nonexistent, even though giving feedback is a widely accepted practice in business. Firms take pride in providing feedback to their customers, vendors, and even their employees, but there is no formal process in most corporations for providing direct feedback to applicants/candidates covering why they were rejected or what they could do to improve their chances if they later applied for another position.

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