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Top 15 iRecruit Blog Posts from 2013

2013 was a fantastic year for us at iRecruit. We’ve added a lot of new features, and reports and look forward to showing our customers the new iConnect Employee Onboarding features this month. We’ll be improving our blogging for 2014, but for now, let’s take a look at our most popular posts from 2013.

iRecruit Career Page Website Design Options   
iRecruit has a flexible design so that your company career page can be set up in a number of ways. Here are a few examples.

10 Useful Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With iRecruit  
So, you’ve been using your applicant tracking system for a little while now and are probably quite comfortable. If you haven’t attended any of our free training sessions since you started you might not be aware of some of these time-saving and useful iRecruit features.

5 Things To Include on a Company Career Site
Setting up an online career portal for your company website is challenging. Every day potential candidates are clicking on to your Careers page, and then clicking away because they don’t see what they like. Tools like Google Analytics can help you track those patterns so you can see where you might need to improve. Keeping a visitor interested in your company career website can be difficult, and the key to keeping visitors interested is as simple as asking, if it were me, “What would I like to know before I apply?”

10 Things to Ask When Purchasing Applicant Tracking Software 
Are you planning on purchasing applicant tracking, recruiting software in the near future? Applicant tracking systems allow you to track and manage all of those applicants in one place, prevent discrimination, and save money.

Creating a Custom Job Application for Online Recruitment    
Creating a custom job application form for online recruitment is simple with iRecruit. iRecruit’s application forms are extremely flexible and customizable. Forms are broken down into sections:

Engage and Attract More Candidates with Social Media 
If your company uses these three most prominent social networks for consistent branding, marketing and public relations, you should take advantage of this built-in network of contacts when recruiting new candidates.  Making your jobs social, allows you to connect with a built in network of people who are already aware of your company, and interested in hearing news and job openings from you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Job Postings
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for job postings? Keywords, that make your job searchable. Think like an applicant. What are you looking for when you’re searching for a position? In job aggregators like Indeed.com, that iRecruit posts your positions to automatically, applicants will use keywords, and locations to find positions they’re interested in.

Tips for Hiring Summer Interns 
Spring is in full bloom, which means Summer is not too far off (hooray!), and that means Intern Season is almost upon us. To help you make the most of your interns we reached out to our iRecruit customers for tips.

Spring Cleaning Your ATS  
It’s the first day of Spring (finally) and after a long, long winter we can look ahead to warmer days. The first day of Spring always puts me in mind of spring cleaning, being an orderly person who loves lists, I like to look ahead be cleaning out the clutter.

iRecruit and Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)   
Learn why there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credits – WOTC, with our WOTC expert Brian Kelly.

Improving the Candidate Experience   
A recent article from ERE discusses the frequent buzzwords we hear relating to the candidate experience (culture, employment brand, employer of choice, relationships) and what it actually means from a candidate perspective.

How Candidates Are Finding You 
Wondering what’s the best way to get the word out that you’re hiring? Track the candidate’s referral source in iRecruit. Knowing and tracking this important information can help you plan your advertising budget for the year ahead and make informed choices.

iRecruit Customer on A&E TV’s Be The Boss   
iRecruit customers Signal 88 Security appeared on an episode of A&E TV’s Be The Boss this past weekend. The new reality show is a competition-based series that pits two employees of a franchise-based company in the battle of a lifetime, competing for the chance to become the owner of their very own franchise.

Know the Difference between hiring a Rock Star and a Ninja
You may have seen job titles (and descriptions) from companies seeking to hire Rock Star, Jedi, Gurus and Ninjas for key positions within their organization. A quick search on Indeed.com reveals there are 4,719 positions that list “Rock Star” in the job title, and 735 Ninjas.

About iRecruit 

iRecruit is a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking software application that allows you to track and report on all of your job applicants and positions. Find out more and take a quick screenshot tour on our website at http://www.irecruit-software.com/ or join a demo on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11am or 2pm. Call iRecruit at 1-800-517-9099 if you have any questions.

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