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Go Paperless with Electronic Onboarding

Save the planet this Earth Day with iRecruit’s iConnect portal. iConnect will allow you to completely eliminate all the paperwork that you do as part of your new hire package. Saving you both time and money.  Let your new employees get their paperwork done before they even begin working, and hit the ground running!

How it works
Send us your new hire package, including I-9 Forms, W4 Forms, State forms, Background Checks forms, Emergency Contacts, Employment Agreements, Acknowledgement of Pay Rates, Company Release Forms, Company Handbook, Code of Conduct, Benefits Set Up forms, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (Integrated with iRecruit) and more… We will build you an electronic version of each form you send.

All your new hire forms will be available to assign whenever you hire someone. Or you can send the forms during any point during the hiring process.

iConnect Employee Onboarding Workflow

It’s easy to use
Your new hire will be alerted via email that they have your new hire paperwork to complete. The new hire logs back in to the secure user portal where a list of forms is ready and waiting to be completed. The new hire completes the forms online.  Once completed, the process is finalized.

Find out more!
Set up a demo time with one of our experts. Click here for available times, or call us at 1-800-517-9099.

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