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iRecruit Best Posts 2014

The end of another year is upon us and I thought we would take a look back at our most popular posts of the year.

Earlier this year we created a partnership with the leading video interviewing provider, Spark Hire, and their CEO Josh Tolan is our recent guest poster. Josh explains why Phone Screens aren’t always effective, and how you can improve the process in 5 Reasons Your Phone Screens Aren’t Working.

Though, not a post from 2014, the iRecruit Career Page Website Design Options post continued to be among the most viewed pages on our website. This post explains some of the options for your iRecruit Career Center design, however, the majority of our customers now lean towards having the iRecruit page match their website, like Neill-TSP for example.

iRecruit moved toward not just recruiting and applicant tracking this year, but we also expanded our Onboarding capabilities tremendously. We added Internal Forms Creation so that our recruiters and hiring managers can create their own best practices, checklists, phone screen questionnaires and more. In addition to internal forms, we added iConnect, Cloud Based Onboarding. iConnect includes the standard new hire forms such as the I-9 and W-4, and State Tax forms, all with electronic signatures. Also, iConnect can include any of your new hire forms. You can build a complete new hire package library electronically. Forms can be assigned to requisitions or to new hires as needed.

Finally, a classic post from last year also continued to be very popular on our website: 10 Things to ask When Purchasing Applicant Tracking Software. This post outlines not only the reasons to purchase a new applicant tracking system, but what you need to ask when you’re shopping and why those questions are important.

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