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Recruiting News Round Up

Every Friday morning – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – as we take a look back through some of the important and sharable HR and Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

Ban the Box Campaign Overview (via iRecruit)
In recent years states have seen an increase in legislation that encourages employers to remove certain questions from their application process. The most common is the “Ban the Box” campaign, most recently enacted in Los Angeles.

Strategic Talent Investment (via SHRM blog)
Limited dollars for talent development? High expectations for measurable impact? More requests and expressed needs than resources available? These are just some of the challenges facing HR today. The solution: make strategic talent investments that directly link to the business strategy.

Applicant Tracking Software Comparison Checklist (via iRecruit)
If you are planning on purchasing an ATS this year, it helps to have an idea of the functions and features of the software that are critical to you, and that is nice to have.

3 Ways To Take Advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
We hear from people who visit our website (www.cmswotc.com) all the time that when it comes to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, it “takes too much time to manage.” That’s where we come in.

CareerBuilder Releases Annual List of Strangest Interview and Body Language Mistakes (via CareerBuilder)
Interviews are vulnerable times. There aren’t many things more nerve-wracking than walking into a room of people you desperately want to impress. In a new survey from CareerBuilder, employers shared the most memorable job interview mistakes candidates have made and how body language can hinder their chances of moving forward in the interview process.

How the Jobs That Immigrants Do Are Changing (via Indeed)
Immigration was one of the most contentious issues in the 2016 presidential campaign. President-elect Trump pledged both to deport unauthorized immigrants and to restrict future immigration in order to “put American workers first.” And these promises resonated: support for Trump was stronger in areas with fewer immigrants but larger recent increases in the local immigrant population, and Trump did best among voters who said immigration was their most important issue.
5 Ways to Make Your Job Descriptions Stand Out (via Recruiter.com)
What unique and informative details do you include in your job descriptions to attract top candidates? The answers below are provided by members of FounderSociety, an invitation-only organization composed of ambitious startup founders and business owners.

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