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Ask an ATS ATSQuestions

Introducing our newest blog feature #ATSQuestions. If you have a question about iRecruit, or using an ATS as a recruiter/hiring manager or as an applicant feel free to submit your questions via the chat box or contact form.

Question recently submitted through our chat box:

Does iRecruit require applicants/candidates to register in order to apply?

We’re pretty flexible at iRecruit, unlike may other ATS providers we do not actually require anyone to create an account in order to create  an employment application, or submit interest to your company. With iRecruit you have the option of having an  “Apply Now” button and/or a “Register” or “Login” buttons.

What are the benefits of Registering?

From an initial application standpoint, the benefit of registering is so you can use your saved application to apply to other available positions.

From an electronic onboarding position, we do require registration in order for the new hire to access any assigned documents. Having applicants register when they apply makes this process simpler, and onboarding faster. If a new hire has not registered, you can simply email them the registration link which will link their email address, and original application(s),  to their new account.


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