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ATS Questions: Should I ask for References on the Employment Application?

If you have a question about iRecruit, or using an ATS as a recruiter/hiring manager or as an applicant feel free to submit your questions via the chat box or contact form.

A common question submitted by new users of iRecruit is Should I ask for references on my employment application?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your hiring process. If you need to ask for references in order to save time later, it makes sense to add to the online employment application. When an applicant is submitting an application for employment, in most cases, they are prepared and have references at the ready.

Adding references does make the application itself a little longer to complete. Our recommendation is typically to ask for 1-2 professional references on the application, but not to make the fields required.

With iRecruit you can request references upfront from every applicant, or wait until the interview stage to ask for them.

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