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ATS Questions: Should I Ask For Salary History on the Employment Application?

A question this week submitted via email was “Should I Ask For Salary History on the Employment Application?”

This question is falling out of favor. Cities such as New York and San Francisco, and most recently the City of Los Angeles,  or states such as Delaware and Massachusetts, have passed laws prohibiting interviewers from asking candidates about their salary history. The reason for this change is to close the gender pay gap, although recruiters still prefer to have the questions available.

We are recommending that customers remain flexible on this issue until otherwise notified by legal counsel. Do ask for salary history on the employment application, but do not make the field(s) required. As an alternative, you can also as for “Salary Desired/Expected” on the application.


Asking for Salary History on Employment Applications

Asking for Salary History Could Soon Be Illegal in All 50 States (Payscale)

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