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ATS Questions: What is Electronic Onboarding?

iRecruit’s Electronic Onboarding takes all of the documents that are included with your new hire paperwork and transforms them into electronic versions. This can include all types of documents such as Direct Deposit, Emergency Contacts, Employment Agreements, Company Handbooks and more.

Utilizing electronic documents eliminates the cost of printing and mailing paper copies of documents, and potentially eliminates the time it takes to scan them – should you need to keep completed copies of documents stored electronically.

Electronic documents are assigned to new hires at a designated step in your hiring workflow, or individually as needed. Notifications to new hires occur automatically via email using a configurable email template.

The new hire then completes all of these forms online in your secure new hire portal, with an electronic signature. This can be done at the new hire’s convenience, on or even before their start date.

Completed documents are available through iRecruit at any time where they can be kept stored online, printed, or downloaded.

What are the major benefits of Electronic Onboarding?

  1. Eliminate paperwork, and cut down on duplicate data entry errors and time to hire.
  2. Cut or eliminate the cost of printing documents,
  3. Secure, centralized system for storing new employee documents.
  4. Improve productivity and increase onboarding efficiency.
  5. Since iConnect is a module within iRecruit, there is no need to use a third-party onboarding software.

Go paperless with iRecruit’s easy-to-use onboarding software system iConnect.

Connect to new employees. iConnect includes I-9s, W-4s, and State Tax Forms. iConnect also has the ability to build and create secure online versions of any other form that you use as part of onboarding.

Example Electronic Onboarding Forms:

  • Background Check Authorization (Now integrated with Verified First)
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employment Agreements
  • Acknowledgement of Pay Rates
  • Release Forms
  • Company Handbook
  • Code of Conduct
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (Integrated with iRecruit)
  • And more . . .

Onboarding Workflow

iRecruit iConnect Electronic Onboarding Workflow

Customize your onboarding process

With iRecruit you can upload unlimited documents like HR policies and employee handbooks. Attach your own PDFs, links, and new employee welcome video to your onboarding portal.

Share information with employees to learn more about your company culture and what makes it unique.

  • Welcome message
  • Mission statement
  • Links to company website, blog, newsletters, or other resources
  • Social media links
  • YouTube video content or Training videos

iConnect Real-Time Reports

View real-time data with the iConnect reports to keep new hires, hiring managers and HR admins on top of onboarding tasks.

To Learn More about iRecruit and Electronic Onboarding

Please call us at 800-517-9099, or contact us below.

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