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Update Your Employment Application to Increase Candidate Response

42% of job seekers cite the lengthy applications as the most frustrating part of the application experience. While it’s tempting to have a lengthy application with a lot of screener questions to weed out unqualified applicants, we found that including 30 screener questions reduces applications by 50%, and over 45 questions reduces applicants by almost 90%. – Indeed.com

It’s increasingly easy to drive away potential candidates from your career site. A too-long job description, and the longer an employment application is, and the more screener questions, or required questions the more likely someone is to abandon your application altogether. Although iRecruit allows candidates to save their information, which they can later return to to finish an application, the quicker you make it for people to apply, the more likely you are to receive candidates.

Your iRecruit application is flexible enough that you can archive an older application and create a new one that will not affect your applicant history. As you edit your application, keep the following items in mind:

  1. How much information is absolutely required?
  2. Can I get away with just receiving a resume? This makes it really quick to apply.
  3. Is there anything on my current application that is out of date? For example questions regarding convictions, or salary history although they both vary by state.
  4. If I print the application, how many pages does it take up? The fewer the better in this case.
  5. Additional sections/forms like background screening – does it need to be on the application?

If you can edit your application down to its bare minimum, it will make it quicker and easier for that initial application. You can always collect additional information from candidates once you have screened them and determined interest.

About iRecruit

Are you hiring? iRecruit is a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking and electronic onboarding software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and truly simple way to manage the recruiting and onboarding process online. With options for ExpressProfessional and Enterprise, you can find a flexible recruiting and onboarding solution that works for your budget, and meets your needs. Join us for a demo or ask a question.

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