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3 Easy Ways To Increase Candidate Communications

From a candidate experience point of view, there’s nothing worse than spending time completing an employment application with an employer and then never ever hearing back from them again. In the ATS industry, we call this “the black hole“. Your applicant tracking software can be a fantastic communications tool. Yes, one of the primary functions of the ATS is used to collect and sort applicant data for reporting purposes but it doesn’t have to end there. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to use your ATS to reach out to candidates. Communication is key to providing a positive candidate and onboarding experience.

Whether you’re a “one-man-or-woman-band” HR department, or a big company, you can follow these simple suggestions to increase candidate communications immediately:

  1. Use Social Media Integration. Push your job ads out to your social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to initiate candidate communications. From a passive candidate perspective, this can be an example of drip marketing.
  2. Follow up to the auto-responder. Most ATS systems like iRecruit will automatically thank a candidate once they apply. It’s a standard feature. Your hiring managers can (and should) also use the ATS to send emails to candidates. Examples include status of the job opening, thanks but no thanks email, interview email, (Improve and Update Your Candidate Correspondence).
  3. Encourage Candidate to Stay In Touch. If you don’t hire someone, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever hire them. So if they’re a good candidate, but not hired this time, offer options to stay in touch with you through social media (especially LinkedIn), through employment newsletter, or even through periodical email or text interaction.

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