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Job Descriptions That Get Results

A job post is essentially an advertisement. A quick, look at me, shout it to the roof, we are fabulous, come work here message to all the potential candidates out there. You need it to be quickly readable, scannable and actionable. We spotted this advertisement on Indeed back in July, as you can see it’s literally straight to the point, and tells the potential candidate exactly what to do.

Sales Associate Job Description

(Not that we are recommending customers to use such sparse descriptions.)

While the above example is short and sweet, you can reach more applicants by using the following techniques:

5 Items Every Job Description or Advertisement Should Include:

1. Summary that makes candidates want click to see more
In a sea of job board advertisements you have only seconds to catch the candidate’s eye, and on job boards limited space of around 25 words plus title. Use strategic keywords and the space wisely to show how the new hire will make an impact.

2. Compensation or Salary Range
Salary range was the number one item that participants gravitated to in a LinkedIn Job Description Heatmap study. Including a salary on a job description will also help increase search engine optimization on sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, and Google. Alternatively use the word “negotiable”. Studies show that using the word “negotiable” in your job descriptions can attract more female applicants.

3. The Job Requirements and Responsibilities
Use a bulleted list to show the responsibilities and requirements of your job to avoid displaying a wall of text. Avoid using corporate speak and jargon and unnecessary (or vague) abbreviations.

4. A Strong Call To Action

Apply Now ButtonsIt’s easy to forget you need to give the applicant a reason to apply.

  • Apply Now – tell the applicant what they need to do to apply.
  • Even if you don’t think you meet all the requirements, we still encourage you to apply.
  • Qualified candidates should email their resume for immediate consideration.
  • We want to hear from you! Submit your application today!

5. Who you are
Every job description should have an about us paragraph at the end of the job description. Include a brief introduction to your company, what you do, and include any benefits you offer to new employees. Equal opportunity employer statement, or if you show preference to. Don’t forget to link back to your corporate website in the “about us” portion of your job description.

Bonus, if the job is part time, or shift work, don’t forget to show the hours or schedule requirements for the position.

Read more:

A job description Heatmap from LinkedIn shows you what candidates really care about (and what they ignore). Crafting your job advertisement is critical to attracting the right talent. Linkedin’s study showed an example job description to 450 members asking them to highlight the parts they found helpful, and would make them more likely to apply. The heatmap shows the most important items that stand out to candidates on your job advertisement. Top items include salary range, qualifications, and job details.



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