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Can I Reassign an iConnect Form/Document?

At iRecruit we get many questions submitted through our chat box on our website. We thought we would share some of the questions with you. iConnect is an add-on module for iRecruit Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to communicate with candidates and new hires. iConnect eliminates (or vastly reduces) the paper-heavy aspect of hiring.

Can I Reassign an iConnect Form/Document?

In this situation, our customer reported that their new hire had made some mistakes on two of their new hire forms, including the I-9.

They wanted to know if the forms could be sent back to the new hire to correct as soon as possible. Well, at iRecruit, we know people make mistakes, we’re only human after all! So we make it easy for our customers to reopen completed forms and return to the new hire to correct.

Additionally, you can send a quick reminder to the new hire that they have forms that are waiting for them. The new hire simply logs back into their account on the applicant portal, and the reassigned forms are available to them. All information previously submitted is still on the form, and can be corrected and re-submitted.


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