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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

How to Post Jobs Internally with iRecruit (iRecruit Blog)
Did you know you can post jobs both internally and externally using iRecruit? iRecruit allows customers to create an internal career site, that is separate from the website used by most applicants. You can use this unique link on your intranet, private network, or even your employee newsletter.

Why Job Postings for Satisfactory Performers at Okay Companies Should Be the New Normal (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
If you want to succeed in any career, perhaps you should become a ninja. For instance, Shutterstock is looking for a “problem-solving ninja.” If you can “navigate Manhattan like a ninja!” then a job as a service technician for Farmer’s Fridge might be in your future. And PF Chang’s is looking for an “experienced food ninja.”

Why Our Hiring Sources Shouldn’t Be a Secret (Read @ ERE)
There may be a disconnect between candidates and employers, an incongruence in where candidates and employers spend time searching each other. This is quite a surprise in the age of information and transparency. Research like that from Hinge Research Institute’s Employer Branding Study shows that there’s a difference between the top sources candidates are using to apply and search for jobs vs. the top sources employers are using to find candidates and advertise (see chart).

ask the readers: have you seen ripple effects from minimum wage increases? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
I was wondering about states and cities that have increased their minimum wage and what the effects have been (both on wages across the board and on budget cuts elsewhere). I work in a state whose minimum wage is now $8.25, but will be incrementally raised until it hits $15 by 2025. I am all for this, but I had questions on how it plays out in reality.

Wait, Where Did Our New Hire Go? (Read @ WSJ)
It should be any job seeker’s dream: You’re looking for a job and three offers land in your lap. Or maybe you’re not even looking and a rival company tries to recruit you. “Congratulations. You did everything right,” career coach Teri Coyne tells clients facing such situations. Few feel like celebrating, however. “Instead, they’re like, ‘I am under so much stress right now,’ ” she says.

Use These 6 Principles to Build a Strong Recruiter-Hiring Manager Relationship (Read @ Indeed Blog)
In a recent presentation to a room full of recruiters and HR practitioners, I asked jokingly, “Who here has dealt with a hiring manager who wants the Queen of England to manage the marketing department for $60K a year?” I got a roar of laughs and 300 hands in the air. This is not an uncommon scenario to anyone who’s been in the industry long enough!

5 Tips for Keeping Interviews on Track When Candidates Are Very Talkative (Read @ LinkedIn Talent)
One of the most frequent pain points I hear from hiring managers and interviewers involves dealing with candidates who, frankly, talk too much. It may sound trivial, but this is a widespread problem that can significantly impact your ability to assess candidates effectively.

How to Spot Emotional Intelligence in Job Candidates (Read @ Glassdoor)
What’s more important: book smarts or street smarts? The answer is both. Sure, job candidates with impressive résumés will rise to the top of the pile. But don’t underestimate the resilience and interpersonal relationship skills that give candidates an edge in the workplace. Those skills exhibit elevated emotional intelligence, which is important to employers, according to “The Future of Jobs Report 2018.”


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