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iRecruit Training: Editing Forms, Application and iConnect

Free Training Session. We invite you to our next iRecruit training session on August 15th. All training for customers is free of charge.

In this session we’ll talk about Editing Forms, Application, iConnect, learn how to properly edit the application or iConnect forms, including adding, removing or customizing questions. In this session you will learn:

  • How to navigate the Employment Application Form in iRecruit.
    • 23 different sections of the application
  • How to edit any question on the employment application.
  • How to remove a question from the employment application.
  • How to add a completely new question to the employment application.
  • How to change the order of the questions on the employment application form.
  • How to make a question required on the employment application.
  • How to create a completely new employment application form.
  • Requesting attachments from applicants.
  • How the resume parsing works.
  • How to view the application as an applicant.
  • Changing the theme colors on the application to show completed, active and pending sections.
  • Updating the automatic thank you message sent to applicants.
  • Adding an iConnect (onboarding form or document, or attachment).
  • How to edit iConnect forms.
  • How the two-part forms work.
  • How to create a custom interview form, with scoring.
  • Time for Q and A.

Date: August 15th, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Who Should Attend: Any iRecruit Administrator or Recruiter interested in finding out more about how the application works.


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