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Ghosting 👻


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It’s Halloween 🎃 👻🎃, and 2019 has been the year of, well, many things, but #Ghosting applicants has certainly dominated recruiting headlines all year long. The phenomenon where applicants, and in some cases even new hires seem to go radio silent on you after their application has been driving employers crazy, and increasing time to hire and in some cases causing major delays in projects.

I’ve been collecting all the best articles and featues about Ghosting, what causes it, how to prevent it, and why it’s been so prevalent, all year, and now I get to share them with you.

  1. Candidate Ghosting — Effective Tips for Minimizing This Growing Menace (Read @ ERE)
  2. How to prevent potential employees from ghosting you (Read @ Fast Company)
  3. Employees keep ‘ghosting’ their job offers — and Gen Zs are leading the charge (Read @ CNBC)
  4. Employer Ghosting Survey Results: Have You Ever Been Ghosted by a Candidate or New Hire? (Read @ iRecruit Blog)
  5. Employer ‘ghosting’ problems grow (Read @ HR Dive)
  6. Your Job Candidates and New Hires are Ghosting You. This is What You’ve Earned (Read @ Inc.)
  7. Can I tell a recruiter how rude it was to ghost me after my interview? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
  8. Ghosting — Prevent Candidates Who Accept Your Offer From Disappearing (Read @ ERE)
  9. In A Hot Labor Market, Some Employees Are ‘Ghosting’ Bad Bosses (Read @ NPR)
  10. What Can Recruiters Do About Ghosting? (Read @ SHRM)
  11. Candidates are Ghosting New Employers – Here’s How You Can Avoid This at Your Company (Read @ LinkedIn Talent Blog)
  12. Workers are ghosting their employers like bad dates (Read @ Washington Post)
  13. What Is Employee ‘Ghosting’? How Companies Created Their Own Worst Nightmare (Read @ Inc.)
  14. Have You Been Ghosted by a Candidate? (Read @ iRecruit Blog)
  15. Americans are enjoying the irony of employers being “ghosted” (Read @ QZ)
  16. 6 tactics to stop promising candidates from disappearing on you (Read @ HR Morning)
  17. I’m so anxious about working that I keep ghosting employers before I start (Read @ Ask a Manager)
  18. What is Employee or Applicant Ghosting? (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
  19. People are ‘ghosting’ at work, and it’s driving companies crazy (Read @ LinkedIn)
  20. Who You Gonna Call? How to Stop Ghosting in its Tracks (Read @ Indeed)
  21. WHY AM I BEING ‘GHOSTED’ AFTER I INTERVIEW? (Read @ The Tim Sackett Project)
  22. Implement These Programs to Prevent Talent from Ghosting You (Read @ Glassdoor)
  23. 94% Of Employers Have Been Ghosted: Why Job Seekers Do It, And How To Avoid Being Haunted (Read @ Forbes)
  24. The job market is so good, new hires aren’t showing up for their first day of work (Read @ CNN)
  25. Employers ‘ghosted’ in recruitment process (Read @ HR Grapevine)
  26. 3 Signs a Job Candidate Is Likely to Ghost You (Read @ The Motley Fool)
  27. Have You Been ‘Ghosted’? Your Industry Might Be Part of the Problem (Read @ SHRM)
  28. Etiquette 101: Don’t ghost job candidates (Read @ The Seattle Times)
  29. Businesses, don’t slam the door on prospective employees who ghost you (Read @ The Guardian)
  30. Hiring etiquette: Don’t ghost candidates after interviews, do acknowledge receipt of any résumé (Read @ Washington Post)


Happy Halloween from iRecruit!

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