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What’s The Difference Between a Recruiter and a Hiring Manager?

iRecruit, Applicant Tracking and Electronic Onboarding software offers multiple user roles, and we’re often asked “What’s The Difference Between a Recruiter and a Hiring Manager?” This actually depends on your user’s needs and the permissions you want them to have.

There are three main roles in iRecruit: Administrator, Recruiter and Hiring Manager. There are also some variations of each role that offer additional customizations.

The Recruiter role in iRecruit is designed for the user who needs full unrestricted access to all applications, and the ability to post a job whenever needed. Or the ability to request and approve a job when needed. The recruiter would have full access to reports, but not have the ability to make administrative changes such as adding new users, or making a change in the applicant workflow.

The Hiring Manager role in iRecruit is a little bit more restricted than the recruiter role. A hiring manager can have permissions to log in and post a job, or request a post. You can also add them as approvers so they can be a final approver for any position assigned to them. You can also prevent a hiring manager from having permissions to post or edit jobs. The Hiring Manager is assigned to their jobs only. So, for example, a hiring manager in New York will not see a hiring manager in California’s posted jobs, or incoming applicants. Hiring managers can still review applicants, add notes, and update the status of the applicant.

If your hiring manager does not need access to log into an account to view applications, there are three options you should be aware of.

  1. Automatically forward all incoming applicants to the hiring manager’s email address as soon as the application is received.
  2. A recruiter reviews, and then selects which applicants to forward to the hiring manager’s email address. This can also be done in batches, as well as individually.
  3. The Hiring Manager can provide feedback to the recruiter by clicking on a link in the email which will go to a secure website where they can approve or reject the candidate and add their feedback.

Training for Hiring Managers

iRecruit provides a quick user guide for hiring managers who do not post jobs (or log in) often, and training is also available on an as-needed basis. Training can also be done for groups, and recorded if needed.



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