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iRecruit Newsletter February 2020

iRecruit Customer Newsletter February 2020

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In this issue:

  • HR.com Webinar Recording: Learn How to Take Advantage of Federal Employment Tax Credits
  • Eliminate Time-Consuming New Hire Paperwork with iConnect
  • 5 Candidate Nurturing Emails You Need To Steal!
  • Latest Updates Dashboard Widget
  • iRecruit Average Number of Employment Applications January 2020
  • Upcoming iRecruit Training Sessions
  • iRecruit Recent Updates
  • iRecruit Knowledgebase #ICYMI
  • What We’re Reading


HR.com Webinar Recording: Learn How to Take Advantage of Federal Employment Tax Credits

Last month we did a webinar with HR.com on the Work Opportinity Tax Credit. The webinar features #WOTC expert Brian Kelly from Cost Management Services, and Mel Kleiman, Hourly Worker Retention Expert and Speaker.


Eliminate Time-Consuming New Hire Paperwork with iConnect

iConnect Onboarding New Hire Documents
When you’re coming from a manual or paper based recruiting and hiring setting it can seem like a huge undertaking to move from paper to electronic environment. At iRecruit, we aim to simplify that for you, and make the transition as smooth as possible. Firstly, we work with your schedule so you’ll be on time with any goal dates for deliverables.


5 Candidate Nurturing Emails You Need To Steal!

send emails

Your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can be a gold mine of data, or a black hole from a candidate perspective. The thing we recommend to all customers is using your communication tools to stay in touch with candidates regularly. We’ve put together a few common emails that our customers might use for communicating with candidates.


Latest Updates Dashboard Widget

Latest Updates Dashboard Widget

The Latest Updates widget displays the five most recent updates to applicant info, and includes the following: Applicant ID, Applicant Name, what update took place, Updated By, if an interview was scheduled in iRecruit the date also will display, Date Updated. Users can add this new widget by going to your username on the top right, User Profile and Settings.


iRecruit Average Number of Employment Applications January 2020

Sales Associate Hiring
iRecruit’s customers have received an average of 153 new employment applications in the first month of 2020. This is up slightly from December 2019 which averaged 131. The number of applications by customer typically varies based on the number of jobs posted.


iRecruit Training in February

Join us on February 13th for Administration Training: Get to know what you can do in iRecruit’s Administration screen. Then on February 7th at 1pm for the General User Refresh Training (bring all questions) at 1pm Eastern Time. Plus check out all the new training sessions added for 2020.


iRecruit Recent Updates

2020 W-4 Available in iConnect
New W-4 is now available for all iConnect customers.

Along with the 2020 W-4, we have updated the following State Tax Withholding Forms: Arizona A-4 2020, Connecticut CT-W4 2020, Georgia G-4 2020, Hawaii HW-4 2020, Illinois IL-W-4 2020, Indiana WH-4 2020, Iowa IA W-4 2020, Kansas K-4 2020, Kentucky K-4 2020, Maine W-4ME 2020, Massachusetts M-4 2020, Michigan MI-W4 2020, Missouri MO-W-4 2020, New Jersey NJ-W4 2020, New York IT-2104 2020, North Carolina NC-4 2020, Oregon OR-W-4 2020, Vermont W-4VT 2020, and Wisconsin WT-4 2020.

New forms can be activated, and old forms inactivated under iConnect > Federal and State Forms.

*The new I-9 Form has been released by USCIS, and we expect to have it available for customers this month.

Note About the I-9 Form Expiration

The I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form for 2020 has been released, we expect to add it to iRecruit this month.

Updated WOTC Portal
New and improved WOTC customer portal, track your tax credits.


iRecruit Knowledgebase #ICYMI


What We’re Reading

Top 11 Tips for Meeting the Candidate of Tomorrow (Read @ Glassdoor)

LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting Shares His Thoughts on the Top Talent Trends for 2020 (Read @ LinkedIn)

7 Recruiting Activities That Can Improve the Candidate Experience (Read @ HR Bartender)

Confidence Index Report: Confidence at Work Is the Soft Skill on Everyone’s Mind (Read @ Indeed)

6 Questions to Spot Which Candidates Will Be Productive Employees (Read @ ERE)

What Gen Z Wants (Read @ Mel Kleiman)


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