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Reducing Turnover by Hiring STARS

Do you have a list of the top ten reasons STAR employees would want to work for you? Just one of the questions hourly worker hiring and retention expert Mel Kleiman addresses in this extract from a recent webinar that we did with HR.com.

When it comes to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit employers can receive a tax credit for hiring an individual who qualifies when they come from one of the target groups such as Veterans, or Individuals who have received SNAP benefits. However, your new hires must work at least 120 hours in order for you to receive a 25% tax credit, and reach at least 400 hours to receive a 40% tax credit of their first $6,000 in wages. This is no easy feat when you have a lot of turn over in your workplace.

Mel discusses how you can attract what he calls “STAR employees,” and what it takes to keep them in your organization. While not everone takes advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which was the subject of our webinar, you may still find it useful to listen to Mel’s commentary on employee retention.

About Mel Kleiman

Mel Kleiman, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on recruiting, selection, and retention of frontline employees and the people who manage them. He is a pragmatic businessman as well as a keynote speaker, trainer and consultant on hourly employee recruiting, selection, and retention. Mel is known for delivering high- impact, high-energy sessions that deliver hands-on, practical information and advice his audience members can put to immediate use to improve their businesses. The author of five books which include the bestselling ‘Hire Tough Manage Easy’ and “The 5 Firsts”. Mel writes regular columns for numerous trade journals. You can sign up for his daily blog, at www.melkleiman.com


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