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iRecruit Customers Can Now Differentiate Their “remote” and “work from home” Jobs on Indeed.com

Advertise Remote job on Indeed

iRecruit has added new settings to support differentiating “remote” and “work from home” jobs on Indeed.com. This new option will work for your organic (free) posts, and for sponsored (paid) posts to Indeed.com.

To allow Indeed to show your preference you must follow these steps:

  1. Under Advertise Requisitions select one of the following.
    • Temprarily remote due to Covid-19
    • Work from home Flexibility
    • Fully Remote
      • If you select “Fully Remote” make sure to also add “Remote” in the location field (City).
  2. Additionally, in order to identify roles in one of these three distinct ways, there are certain phrases employers should also include in job descriptions:
    1. To be considered a “temporarily remote due to COVID-19” job, please include one of the following:
      • “Work remotely temporarily due to COVID-19”
      • “Work from home during coronavirus”
      • “Can start remotely due to COVID-19”
    2. To be considered as a job having “work from home flexibility”, please include one of the following:
      • “Flexible work from home options available”
      • “Work from home days possible”
      • “Options for working from home”
    3. To be considered a “fully remote” job, please include one of the following:
      • “This is a remote position”
      • “Employees will be working remotely”
      • “Remote work allowed”


Hiring and Onboarding During the Coronavirus Crisis
Over the past month the coronavirus national emergency has impacted our lives in a way that we have never seen before.

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