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Customer Questions: Can my new hires sign their job description on iConnect?

When you create new hire documents in iConnect, you can add a formal job description that can be acknowledged and signed off on by the new hire.

This could be a simple acknowledgement form that can be built in iConnect using only three or four fields, and an easy way for you to make sure the new hire understands the responsibilities of the role. Even include your logo on the form page for a consistent branding feel.

Example Signable Job Description Form:

    Recruiting Manager (Full Time)
    Location: Gadsden County
    Division: Administrative

    We are seeking a highly engaged, organized, and personable recruiting manager to
    join our recruitment team. In this role, you will design, create, and direct our
    hiring initiatives as we seek new talent for our organization. You will also be
    responsible for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process,
    managing applications, and serving as a valuable brand ambassador.

    Recruiting Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

    • Drive and direct all recruitment efforts and processes

    • Implement strategic hiring procedures and improve upon recruitment

    • Work with human resources department to confirm hiring needs and

    • Direct and oversee the hiring of upper management and executives

    • Create and suggest new and effective interviewing procedures and

    • Ensure current staff numbers are sufficient and appropriately

    • Engage in effective recruitment methods to determine useful applicant

    • Directly interact with job candidates and respond to initial queries

    • Process and track applicant job submissions

    • Manage recruitment databases

    • Conduct initial candidate screenings and interviews

    • Refer qualified and selected applicants to specific department for
      further interviews

    • Conduct and request required tests needed for hire (proficiency,
      background, drug, etc.)

    • Manage recruitment efforts and advertising budgets

    • Set clear goals and benchmarks for recruitment team

    • Train and supervise recruiters in correct company processes

    • Encourage open lines of communication between yourself and recruiting

    • Conduct frequent performance reviews for recruiters

    • Document and present detailed progress reports of recruiting campaigns

    • Attend recruiting fairs to find prospective employees

    • Demonstrate to candidates a positive reflection or our brand and company

    • Adherence to fair employment laws and practices

    Recruiting Manager Requirements and Qualifications

    • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree preferred

    • 2+ years of proven experience in recruitment

    • Familiarity with HR practices

    • Understanding of fair employment practices

    • Managerial and leadership experience

    • Exceptional work ethic

    • Exemplary communication skills both oral and written

    • Consistently meets deadlines

    • Thrives under pressure

    • Respectful and patient

    • Comfortable with some travel

    I have read and understand the above job description.

    Like the above example, iConnect can be used to create electronic, paperless versions of any new hire document you use as part of onboarding. iConnect also includes five forms free! Contact us today at 800-517-9099 with any questions.

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