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Convenient Background Screening with Verified First

Verified First is known for raising the bar on streamlined background screening solutions backed by the best client support, and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system connections, for free.

With the click of a button, you can start your background screen conveniently from your iRecruit account. Screens are completed efficiently with Verified First. Their client support team is U.S.-based and answers calls in seconds, consistently resulting in positive testimonials and a 97% customer satisfaction.

How it Works with iRecruit:

Verified First and iRecruit Screenshot

To help employers assess their screening program and improve hiring efficiencies, it’s important to understand the many aspects involved with pre-employment screening. There are many types of background screenings conducted based on industry, position, and job duties. These checks could include a criminal background check, driving record, drug testing, education verification, employment verification, and reference checks.

Verified First provides seamless integration with iRecruit utilizing a user-friendly browser extension. To initiate a background investigation on your candidate, you simply click on a link within the iRecruit applicant’s profile page. From there you can select from the following:

  • Send invite to initiate screen, obtain permission (note this can also be requested from iRecruit).
  • Select a “package” of pre-saved selected screening options
  • Or select individual screens you would like to use, to list a few:
    • Social Security Address Trace
    • Nationwide Criminal Database
    • Global Homeland Security Watchlist
    • Criminal State / County
  • Drug screens also available

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Verified First’s seamless integration with iRecruit provides clients with a turn-key experience and enables them to process comprehensive screens in one, convenient place. With a dedicated support team, a user-friendly browser extension, and unbeatable turnaround times, Verified First puts you first.


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