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Background Screening for Nonprofit Volunteers

Screening For Nonprofits & Volunteers_iRecruit

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Do you hire volunteers for your nonprofit organization through iRecruit? Like our customers who do background screening on new hires, it’s also recommended that you do a background screen on volunteers. According to leading background screening provider, and our partner, Verified First, “Conducting screens, such as county and federal criminal history records, and drug testing volunteers, can help reduce liability among your volunteers, protecting your mission.”

Protect your mission. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) found that 77.34 million adults volunteered in 2018. Like many nonprofits, volunteers are the heart of the organization. And while volunteers do so much good for your organization, it’s important that they check out.

Background screening through Verified First is easy to set up using a simple browser extension, and affordable.

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