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The 4 Biggest Barriers to Getting Applications in your Applicant Tracking Software

On this week’s blog post I wanted to discuss some of the feedback we receive at iRecruit and the advice we give to employers who are looking to increase the number of quality applications they receive. These are some of the most common complaints or reasons that someone who sees your job advertisement will just keep on scrolling.

  1. The Application Form is Too Long. Often the biggest pet peeve of job applicants is that the employment application is simply too long. On the other hand, employers are looking for ways to be efficient from their side of things, so to their mind it makes sense to ask for as much information upfront from the applicant as possible. To the applicant, it doesn’t make as much sense when they’re just submitting their interest in the job and haven’t learned much about it yet.
    How you can fix this. It’s not always possible to scale back application forms when you have regulations that require certain responses, but you can always review periodically to see what can be changed. At iRecruit we recommend reviewing your application form(s) at least on an annual basis.
    Start by doing an application yourself as a test, fill out all the questions, use a desktop or laptop. Then do the same application on a cell phone. Time yourself both times.
    What can you remove? As you go through this application form with a critical eye, review it closely. Are there any questions you can remove to streamline your application? Middle Name, Second Address Field, Home Phone Number etc.
    Edit, Edit, Edit. Then edit some more. Pare down your application as much as you can and then do another time test to check for improvements in speed and efficiency.
  2. There’s an Error Preventing Applicants from Submitting. This is pretty common on application forms. Is there a logic error? Do you have a Yes/No question that is requiring a response when the question does not call for one? Are all the questions required when the applicant would not need to respond to certain questions? Is there something missing that is required? How you can fix this. You can fix this by thoroughly testing your application before making it live, catch those errors and fix.
  3. Job Descriptions Unclear. A job post is essentially an advertisement. A quick, look at me, come work here message to all the potential candidates out there. You need it to be scannable and actionable.
    Every Job Description or Advertisement Should Include:
    1. Summary that makes candidates want click to see more.
    2. The Job Requirements and Responsibilities – bulleted/scannable list.
    3. A Strong Call To Action – apply now – how to apply etc.
    4. Who you are – tell the applicant about your company.
    (A job description Heatmap from LinkedIn shows you what candidates really care about (and what they ignore).
  4. Not Including Salary or Wage Range. Indeed (and many states and localities) have made this a requirement for most. Make sure to include it as part of the job description. When you don’t include it, Indeed (and other sites) will sometimes “estimate” the potential salary based on your location, and the job title. Given that there can be many variations of pay scales this is something that is better to avoid.

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