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5 Candidate Nurturing Emails You Need To Steal!

Your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can be a gold mine of data, or a black hole from a candidate perspective. The thing we recommend to all customers is using your communication tools to stay in touch with candidates regularly. We’ve put together a few common emails that our customers might use for communicating with candidates. Read more about 5 Candidate Nurturing Emails You Need To Steal![…]

5 Example Emails to Send to Candidates

We have spoken before about not letting your applicant tracking software become a black hole for resumes. The key to avoiding becoming a communication wasteland is by keeping your email templates up-to-date and relevant, and utilizing them in a timely manner. Here are 5 example templates that you can use with your applicant tracking software. Read more about 5 Example Emails to Send to Candidates[…]

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Improve and Update your Candidate Correspondence

Communicating with candidates and job applicants is an important part of your job as a recruiter, and a vital part of your recruiting strategy. For every successful candidate that you hire you may have 10s or 100s that are not. Whether that’s due to cultural fit, not having the required credentials or experience, or something Read more about Improve and Update your Candidate Correspondence[…]