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iRecruit Updates

We are pleased to announce that on Friday evening (1/8/2010) CMS will be rolling out some beneficial updates to your iRecruit account. Please click here if you have any questions.

The changes are as follows:

  1. International Addresses We have added a new section for international addresses. This can be turned on or off under Administration. The default is US. If Canada is selected as the country iRecruit will list Provinces instead of States and the zip code will have alpha-numeric characters. For all other countries the state box disappears and only city and zip code remain. International phone numbers will change from (xxx) xxx-xxx to +xxx xxx xxxxxxxx for all but US and Canada selections. The last field here extends to 8 characters to fit the entire number. All but the last 4 characters will map to Sage but will be formatted as if it is a US number.
  2. Duplicate Submission Lock
    Upon clicking the submit button the process routine will set a lock so that the entry cannot be duplicated for 5 minutes. The lockout page tells the applicant to check their email for a confirmation before submitting again.
  3. Split Job Duties and Reason for leaving question into two. To separate this question and activate the Reason for leaving question go to Forms and Work History. You will have to rewrite the original question before activating the Reason for leaving.
  4. Application Attachments Section These questions in the Forms section this used to be part of the Work Experience area, but we created a new section for Attachments (Resume, Cover Letter).
  5. MULTI choice selections – These have been added to the main admin tab and has an individual tab to select the allowed and required as well as change the wording of the questions.
  6. Education
    a. This has changed from only three entries with High School, College, Post Graduate to a section that allows up to 6 choices and the title for each can be unique. The order and the title of questions can be any number of combinations.
    b. There is a toggle to have the second row of data display or not for when needing a High School or Certificate program that doesn’t have degrees.

    This titling is similar for the following three sections as well:

  7. Certifications Section
    a. Added new section for licenses/certifications that allows up to 8 certifications and groups by titling.
    b. This section will display at the end of Education and before the skills questions and can be edited under Forms and Certifications.
  8. References Section
    a. Added new section that allows up to 8 references and groups by titling.
    b. This section will display at the end of Work Experience and can be edited under Forms and References
  9. Work Experience
    Added Title Choice for each section which can be edited under Forms, Display Functions.

These changes are in production now but are new.

  1. Country field is dynamic and defaulted to US to prepare for the international addresses.
  2. Increased max count to 20 for recruiting downloads (Recruiting Solution only).
  3. Added a counter to the number of entries being downloaded. (1 of 18 etc..Recruiting Solution only)

EEO Reporting Updates

Also ready for this Friday’s upgrade to iRecruit are new methods for EEO Reporting. This will dramatically increase the performance of the EEO reports.

  1. The system has been changed to compile data during off peak periods; periodically. The reports will indicate the last time that data has been compiled and if there are any new applicants in the system that are not part of the list.
  2. We have also added an on demand capability so that you can choose to update your data to current status and re-run reports. This feature has a separate window and instructions and indications of the time it will take to produce new data. (About 1 minute per 100 applicants in the system).
  3. The EEO reports will now reflect all requisitions applied for instead of only the primary position.
  4. The EEO reports now have an Unknown Determinant listing for applications that have not been given any gender or ethnicity information. This will allow a full disclosure of the state of all applicants. There is also a new feature that will allow this information to be updated for applicants from the EEO report.
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