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iRecruit Updates

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday evening (2/21/2010) CMS will be rolling out some beneficial updates to your iRecruit account. Please click here if you have any questions.

The updates include the following:

  1. Split Requisitions and JobID to multiples per Applicant. Manage how your applicants apply for multiple positions at once.
  2. Individualize the history for each application. When applicants apply to multiple positions you can now create and manage a unique history for each “application”.
  3. View the applications in a single view versus multiple.
  4. Limit Status list by date restriction. Manage the applicant status page by date.
  5. Limit requisition ownership on userid for search and status list.
  6. Added Ownership selection for requisitions for administrators.
  7. Requisition process flow for additions and deletes.
  8. Created a new correspondence section with attachments.
  9. Update EEO and ALL report preparation, for quicker response times.
  10. DataManager update to include Reqs and Jobs (Recruiter and Onboard changed).
  11. Login timeout period can be set.
  12. Update to the look and feel of the Dashboard.
  13. Applicants restricted to using numbers in numeric fields.
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