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CMS Announces New Social Media Sharing Feature for iRecruit

CMS announces new social media sharing feature for iRecruit making it easier than ever for our customers to get the word out that they are hiring, by leveraging the contacts they have in Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The enhanced feature is available for all iRecruit customers who want to easily post their job listings to social media.
Brian Kelly, president of CMS said “The new social media sharing capability takes iRecruit and recruiting to the next level. Over 60% our customers are already using social media to share information with their customers. Having the ability to expand the applicant pool through social media interaction makes iRecruit a formidable leader in the applicant tracking space. Combined with our Work Opportunity Tax Credit integration, we save our customers thousands of dollars.”
In 2010 over 1/3 of companies were using Social Media(1.) to actively recruit new hires and strengthen employment brands. Since then, that number has grown, and we expect to see it continue to rise with new social media sites like Google+ and more. With an estimated 700,000,000 monthly visitors Facebook(2.) is the most visited website in the world, number one among social networking sites, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn with the most social media users. “From what we were hearing from our customers, it made 100% sense to integrate iRecruit with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for recruiting,” said Kelly.
About iRecruit
iRecruit was originally developed in 2004 to help users of Sage Abra Human Resources Management Systems manage applicant tracking. iRecruit is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to provide any size business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to manage the recruiting process online, making it easier than ever to track and screen applicants, and automate applicant and manager communications and integrate with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.
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