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Treat Applicants like Customers

Just read a fantastic blog post by UpstartHR on how you should integrate HR recruiting with marketing and treat candidates or applicants like a customer. Author Ben Eubanks writes:

“Of course HR/Recruiting should work with the Marketing department if they can. HR is trying to sell ideas internally. Recruiters are trying to “sell” open positions to candidates. Marketing is trying to sell products/services to the public. Why not work together when the opportunity arises?”

Ben goes on to say that candidates don’t like to think of their resumes disappearing into a “recruiting black hole” and appreciate a follow up to let them know what their status is.

With iRecruit, communication with applicants and candidates is simple. All applicants immediately will receive an automatic email that you can customize to say “thank you for applying with us” and let them know what your follow up process is. A typical “thank you” email will usually let the applicant know that you will follow up with them should they meet your needs and requirements for the position.

You can also set up additional correspondence in iRecruit. Create emails to update a candidate on their status, let them know the position has been closed or filled. Create an email to invite for interview, or to complete a background check. Or even create an email to let older applicants know you are hiring, and to visit your website to see a list of open positions.

About iRecruit

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