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Six Things You Need in Every Job Description

Your job description is a sales pitch for your company and the position.  Writing an effective job description is essential to attract the right applicants, and can cut your time to hire by attracting more qualified applicants to the position.

Here are six things we’ve learned about developing effective job descriptions:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Keywords, that make your job searchable. Think like an applicant. What are you looking for when you’re searching for a position? Job aggregators like Indeed.com, that iRecruit posts your positions to automatically, applicants use keywords, and locations to find positions.  Google’s Keyword Tool, typically used for Advertising, is extremely helpful in finding additional keywords you can use in your job description.

Essential Functions of the Position.  The “meat” of your job description goes here. What does the job entail? Include a general summary with the duties, responsibilities, and set clear expectations for the position.

Job Requirements. Does the position require particular experience, education, training or skills? Does it require a license or certification? Make sure the description includes this information. The applicant should be aware that if they do not have the requirements, they may not be considered for the position.

Bullet Points. Using well thought out bullet points to summarize the position is helpful for applicants scanning the job description. Include the essential functions and requirements for the position.

Compensation. You may include a salary range or use the word “negotiable”. Studies show that using the word “negotiable” in your job descriptions can attract more female applicants.

About Us Blurb. Every job description should have an “about us” paragraph at the end of the job description. Include a brief introduction to your company, what you do, and include any benefits you offer to new employees. Don’t forget to link back to your corporate website in the “about us” portion of your job description.

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