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Improving the Candidate Experience

A recent article from ERE discusses the frequent buzzwords we hear relating to the candidate experience (culture, employment brand, employer of choice, relationships) and what it actually means from a candidate perspective.

The story begins with the author receiving an impersonal auto-response when applying to a job that surprised her. As a former product manager of applicant tracking systems, she knows that these messages can be customized. She goes on to explain that the technology you use to recruit candidates and get their information into your system should be easy to navigate and should reflect your company brand. Your brand is what makes a candidate say, “I will fit in there and I want to work there!”

With iRecruit as your Applicant Tracking and Recruiting software, creating custom response messages is simple. You can create a custom auto-response message right from your application form editor under “Email Correspondence”. Thank the applicant for taking the time to apply with your company and let them know what your follow up process is, when/if they will be contacted, and if you will keep their information on file for a period of time.

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