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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week video is on the rise in recruiting, and interviewing, Indeed.com announce 100 million visitors used their site in January to look for jobs and more…

How 100 million unique visitors use Indeed to find jobs
We created Indeed to help as many people as possible find jobs. In January, over 100 million unique visitors came to the site to do just that! Indeed is the starting point for more job searches and the source of more hires than any other site. Last month alone, visitors to the Indeed network performed over 3 billion searches, more than 1,000 searches every second. People use Indeed to search for jobs in over 50 countries and in 26 languages. Traffic continues to grow worldwide, with the most rapid growth occurring in Russia, Japan, South Africa, Australia and India.

Do You Post Salary in Job Postings?
Do you put the salary for the job in your job postings, either your online job postings or in other venues? This debate about putting salary in job postings becomes more important as job applicants are willing to settle just to have a job. This could cause retention chaos as jobs become more available or motivation damage for people who are under-employed, under-utilized, and bored.

You Don’t Know It, But Women See Gender Bias in Your Job Postings
Are a few gender-themed words in your job descriptions signaling women, unconsciously, to not apply? A scientific study of 4,000 job descriptions revealed that a lack of gender-inclusive wording caused significant implications for recruiting professionals tasked to recruit women to hard-to-fill positions underrepresented by women.

Why Video? 6 Benefits of Making Video Part of Your Recruitment Mix
Not only is video a dominant form of communication; it is proven to be influential, as well.  Consumers are not just viewing content, but absorbing it, and letting themselves be swayed by it. When it  comes to recruiting, potential and current employees are the customer, and the companies they choose to work for are the products they invest in.

Seventy-Five Percent of Job Applicants Do Not Hear Back From Employers
Job hunting can be a frustrating process especially if you have no idea whether the employer made a decision or even saw your application. The vast majority (75 percent) of workers who applied to jobs using various resources in the last year said they never heard back from the employer, according to a nationwide CareerBuilder survey.

63 Percent of Companies Use Video Interviews
A new OfficeTeam survey has revealed that 63 percent of HR managers said their company often uses video technology to conduct employment interviews. This is a stratospheric jump from 2011 when just 14 percent reported the same. Over the next three years, 13 percent of respondents said their organizations would more aggressively pursue video interviews while 85 percent predict the number of video interviews to remain the same.

iRecruit Webinar Dates March 2013
Announcing the iRecruit webinar presentation schedule for February 2013. Learn how to take control of your applicant tracking process, and manage your applicants in a centralized, secure, cloud-based database. We have weekly webinar demos scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (US). Or contact us at 1-800-517-9099 to schedule a webinar at your convenience.

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About iRecruit
iRecruit is a web-based applicant tracking software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to handle their recruiting process online. iRecruit provides you with your own career center that will allow your applicants to select the position they are interested in, and apply online through your website!

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