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Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories From Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: This week employers are holding out for perfection in hiring, 5 recruiting skills you need, how to pick the best candidate and more…

I’ll Say It Again: We Need to Get Rid of Resumes and Job Descriptions
As some of you may know, I think the continued use of traditional, skills-infested job descriptions prevents companies from hiring the best talent available. By default, they wind up hiring the best person who applies. That’s the same reason I’m against the indiscriminate use of assessment tests. While these tests are good confirming indicators of on-the-job performance, they’re poor predictors of it (square the correlation coefficient to get a sense of any test’s predictive value).

With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection
American employers have a variety of job vacancies, piles of cash and countless well-qualified candidates. But despite a slowly improving economy, many companies remain reluctant to actually hire, stringing job applicants along for weeks or months before they make a decision. If they ever do.

Don’t Forget These 5 Recruiting Skills in the Social Recruiting Fervor
Recruiting, as many of us know it, has undergone a transformation in the last few years. In fact, there are recruiters coming in to the workforce now who only source within LinkedIn Recruiter, or who’ve never had to keep a physical (read: paper) file on a candidate.

Candidate Experience: Can You Keep Them Out of the “Black Hole?”
A couple of months ago I shared some data from an Aberdeen Group report about benchmarking quality of hire best practices. It’s a great benchmark list of outcomes. But how about the inputs? More specifically, in terms of quality of hire, how about benchmarking the quality of the candidate experience? Call me crazy, but it seems to me that a higher quality candidate experience translates into a higher quality of hire.

You Have Identified the Candidates. How Do You Pick the Right One?
In my last two posts, I talked about the process we use at H.Bloom to run a recruiting campaign: defining the role, targeting the right profile of candidates, building a list of potential candidates and presenting them with a persuasive pitch. This process is meant to yield viable candidates for a position. But what happens then? Once you have interested candidates, how do you figure out which one is the right one for your team? The answer depends on two things: The person’s fit for the role. And the person’s fit for the team.

iRecruit Webinar Dates March 2013
Announcing the iRecruit webinar presentation schedule for February 2013. Learn how to take control of your applicant tracking process, and manage your applicants in a centralized, secure, cloud-based database. We have weekly webinar demos scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (US). Or contact us at 1-800-517-9099 to schedule a webinar at your convenience.

iRecruit Training – Application Forms
Please join us on Friday, March 29th at 1pm for iRecruit Training. This month we’ll focus on the Application Forms and how to customize. You’ll learn: How to add/change questions,
How to add multiple options for questions, How to build a custom application form, How to use pre-screening questions, And more… Click here to register today or call 1-800-517-9099, training is free to all customers.

About iRecruit
iRecruit is a web-based applicant tracking software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to handle their recruiting process online. iRecruit provides you with your own career center that will allow your applicants to select the position they are interested in, and apply online through your website!

Weekly demos, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (Register Today), or call us at 1-800-517-9099 to schedule a demo at your convenience.

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