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Recruiting News Round Up

Recruiting news this week: how much do bad hires cost you? Social media, how not to annoy people, and is your Klout score a new job criteria?

How much do bad hires cost you?
There’s a lot of attention to detail and careful planning that go into hiring decision making. And for good reason: Businesses aren’t just on the lookout to land a job applicant who satisfies requirements and interviews well. All that meticulous preparation is also undertaken to ensure employers don’t corner themselves into a bad hire.

Start Planning for Summer Interns Now
Healthy internship programs garner higher quality entry-level candidates, strengthen company mentorship programs, and provide a way for companies to give back to the community. But to make sure that your summer internship program is a success, you need to start planning it now.

B.A. Requirement for a Cashier McJob!? No, But…
The Ph.D. taxi driver is an urban fact, no longer a legend. His problem is that there is no demand for his degree. The flip side of this is the cashier who lacks the degree suddenly required for that job. His problem is that he can’t supply a degree to meet that demand.

Is Social Media Clout a New Job Criteria? 
Social media outlets buzzed in 2012 when Wired magazine ran a story about Sam Fiorella, a senior executive who said he lost out on a vice president position with a large Toronto-based marketing agency because of a low Klout score. According to the article, Fiorella admitted during his job interview that he didn’t know what a Klout score was—and claimed that after the recruiter showed him his Klout score (which was 34), the interview ended quickly.

7 Tips for New (and Inactive) LinkedIn Users
Wondering whether you should be investing time and energy in LinkedIn? Consider this statement made in a February article in the Financial Post: “LinkedIn Corp., the business-oriented service for recruiters, job seekers and corporate networking, is showing investors the sort of promise from a social networking stock that many had hoped to find in rival Facebook Inc.”

How Not to Annoy People on LinkedIn
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and even finding jobs, but if you’re not careful, you can end up using it in ways that alienate the very people with which you’re hoping to form connections. Here are some of the most common annoying behaviors to avoid on the site.

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