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Know the Difference between hiring a Rock Star and a Ninja

You may have seen job titles (and descriptions) from companies seeking to hire Rock Star, Jedi, Gurus and Ninjas for key positions within their organization. A quick search on Indeed.com reveals that there are currently 4,719 positions that list “Rock Star” in the job title, and 735 Ninjas.

While Gurus and Jedi primarily appear to be listed in IT and programming fields, Rock Stars and Ninjas span many different roles and types of jobs.  So what’s the difference, and why would you want to hire a rock star or a ninja for your organization?

Rock Stars

– Shine and enjoy the spotlight
– Works well as part of a team
– Frequently seek attention
– Require constant feedback
– Don’t respond well to negative feedback
– Excellent presentation skills


– Deliver superior service
– Quietly complete their work
– Do not require attention
– Works well as part of a team
– Works better solo
– Get things done without making a fuss
– Proactive in their positions

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