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Recruiting News Roundup

This week’s top recruiting news from around the web: 

Hiring Wisely: The Art of Selection
Hiring the wrong person may cost you more than you might think. Not just the cost of recruiting and retraining another person but, for example, the frustration of dealing with a bad employee and, possibly, the cost and stress of a wrongful termination suit.

Do You Look for Cultural Fit, or for Innovation?
In an article in the American Sociological Review, Northwestern Professor Lauren Rivera concludes that companies are making hiring decisions today “in a manner more closely resembling the choice of friends or romantic partners.”

This disability case will make you revisit your job descriptions
The wording of this company’s job descriptions unexpectedly cost it in court. James Szarawara worked night shifts as an emergency dispatcher for the County of Montgomery in Pennsylvania. After a couple years of the job, he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia, and shortly thereafter, he began experiencing headaches, dizziness and loss of focus with increasing, though unspecified, frequency.

Weed Out the Wrong Hires Fast: 7 Interview Questions
It’s tough to find the right employees. It all starts with asking the right interview questions. If you want to fit the right candidates into your open positions, you need to take charge of the interview process. It’s imperative to come up with interview questions that dig deep into a potential hire’s passion, drive, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Focusing just on job responsibilities and skills isn’t the right approach–you need to find out if the candidate is a strong fit as a person first.

Improving the Candidate Experience
A recent article from ERE discusses the frequent buzzwords we hear relating to the candidate experience (culture, employment brand, employer of choice, relationships) and what it actually means from a candidate perspective.

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