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Recruiting News Round Up

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This week’s top recruiting stories:

Don’t Have A ‘Stable Work History’? These Employers Don’t Want You
Job ads that list “current employment” as a requirement are becoming less common, thanks to a chorus of outrage, and laws declaring it illegal discrimination in several states. But some employers seem to be adopting a new approach — requiring applicants to have “a stable work history” — which may, in essence, serve the same purpose: To weed out the unemployed.

5 Good Reasons to Hire Older Workers
Older workers may not have the same tech-savvy skills their younger colleagues do, but they have years of experience you can’t teach or replace. During the economic recession, more attention was placed on hiring less costly younger workers. Companies had smaller budgets, which led to “many people [getting] promoted into management positions with little experience.

10 Jobs Employers Can’t Fill
The great skills gap mystery continues. Despite millions of workers still looking for jobs, there are a wide variety of positions employers just can’t seem to fill, new research shows.

How to Become an Employer of Choice
A recent Gallup study found that only 47 percent of American workers are completely satisfied with their jobs. A MarketTools study found that 21 percent of employees had applied to another job in the past six months. Clearly, many employees are ready to look elsewhere for the next step in their careers.

University Recruiting and Relations 101
Thanks to the Houston-based National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies and organizations now have a clear framework and expert advice when establishing or strengthening their university relations and recruiting programs.

A Look at Online Job Interviews
One of the fastest growing interview types is, without a doubt, the online interview. Online interviews save companies looking to inject new blood into their ranks a fortune in time, money, and convenience; so, if you haven’t yet been asked to participate in one, prepare yourself. Your time is coming! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of online job interviews you may encounter in the near future and discuss how you can prepare for them.

Temporary Hiring to Heat Up in Next Six Months, According to CareerBuilder’s Mid-Year Job Forecast
According to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Mid-Year Hiring Forecast, temporary and contract hiring plans are up by 10 percentage points from the same time last year. Findings from the survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide indicate a continued boost in temporary hiring activity as well as hiring for full-time and part-time positions.

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