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Recruiting News Roundup

This week’s top recruiting stories:

10 Useful Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With iRecruit
So, you’ve been using your applicant tracking system for a little while now and are probably quite comfortable. If you haven’t attended any of our free training sessions since you started you might not be aware of some of these time-saving and useful iRecruit features.

Warning Signs of a Time-Wasting Candidate
After 15 years in the career services, human resources, and candidate recruiting business, I have a pretty good “nose” for which candidates will get the job. Often it does not correlate with the most educated or skilled candidate. If you are recruiting talent, you can’t afford to waste any time during the selection process and you certainly don’t want to place a candidate that will prove to be the wrong choice. So, what are the top indicators of a poor candidate?

Why Goal-Based Job Descriptions Are the Next Big Thing
According to a recent survey, goal cascading and employee turnover are the two largest concerns business leaders find themselves facing. These two challenges go together like peas in a pod, since employees who don’t understand how their contributions fit into the overall company goals are likely the same disengaged workers with one foot out the door.

Top 10 Things to Avoid When Recruiting via Email
The ease of finding profiles on LinkedIn has made connecting with new candidates the Mount Everest of recruiting. In-demand candidates find themselves inundated with InMails from recruiters, causing many to create junk email addresses just for InMails. In other words, most are never read. Reaching out via email is tough too but can be way more effective, if done right.

With E-Verify Suspended, Employers Are Skittish About Hiring
The partial shutdown of the U.S. government is frustrating small business owners, especially those who contract with the federal government, rely on “non-essential” government employees, or want a new loan backed by the Small Business Administration.

About iRecruit

iRecruit is a web-based applicant tracking software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to handle their recruiting process online. iRecruit provides you with your own career center that will allow your applicants to select the position they are interested in, and apply online through your website!

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