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Best Practices for Engaging Hiring Managers with iRecruit

Getting your hiring managers involved with the recruiting can be a challenge involving a lot of follow up on the part of the recruiter or HR team. With iRecruit we offer flexible ways for you to engage your hiring managers throughout the hiring process.

iRecruit customers can engage their hiring managers via email, sending all, or selected candidates to them, or they can allow the hiring manager access to an account to manage their candidates.

Requesting a Requisition.
When a job opening becomes available, or a hiring manager has a need to fill a position they can make a request though iRecruit using a simple customizable request form (see example requisition request form). Once the request is made, your recruiter or HR team can either approve the position, or route the request for approval through email.

Engage via Email.
Hiring Managers can automatically receive incoming applications via their email. They can also respond via email to update iRecruit on the status of the applicant. So they never have to log into the ATS.

Engage via ATS.
Hiring Managers can log into the ATS in order to view the applications for their requested position. This is restricted so the hiring manager only sees the applicants for their assigned requisition(s). HR can monitor the status of the requisition and candidates using iRecruit to ensure candidates are being screened.

Best Practices

We recommend the following best practices to ensure engagement and follow up from your hiring managers:

  1. Utilize Workflow Checklists so that the hiring manager has an idea of your expected processes and procedures for hiring, from requesting a job listing, to setting up interviews, interview questions, hiring steps, offer letter etc.
  2. Provide Training on use of the ATS. The most engaged hiring managers are comfortable with using the ATS features to view, track, and communicate with the candidates.
  3. Use Reporting to make sure no candidate falls through the cracks in either email or the ATS.

Want to learn more?

iRecruit is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), that includes Electronic Onboarding. We do demos every day, or call 800-517-9099 or click here to ask a question.

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